Publication and Indexing

IEEE Xplore

Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore.


The IEEE provides SCOPUS with all of the IEEE Xplore digital library content so that the bibliographic information (what is seen on an abstract page in IEEE Xplore, including the abstract) can be made visible. While we do provide them with all of our content, it is not our policy to determine what Scopus will or will not index. Additionally, once SCOPUS does load IEEE records, and the abstract is viewable to their users, the user can then link back to IEEE Xplore and lands on the abstract page of that particular record, enabling you to either view through a subscription or purchase the full text article.


IEEE plagiarism policy:

What if the review of a claim results in a decision that plagiarism did occur?
There are several possible Corrective Actions that are available. Depending on the level of misconduct, one or all may be applied:
Publication volunteers who review a Level 1 or Level 2 case may also choose to recommend an author-education course in place of a prohibition from publishing. This option requires approval from the IEEE PSPB Chair.